iPad 2 ? want one?

OK, hands up, who wants an iPad 2? Last week's announcement was met with the usual delirium that ensues after an Apple launch. Of course, for every Apple fanboy, there's someone who is either underwhelmed or outright angry at Steve Jobs' approach to the next big thing.

Though we're yet to get our mitts on an iPad 2, we must admit that we're on the "we want one NOW" side of the iPad 2 fence. While it might not be the revolutionary piece of kit many were hoping for, the slimmer, sexier form factor, coupled with the ability to now make video calls (thanks to a new front-facing camera), has got our appetite whet. Other highlights include an improved processor – one of these dual-core ones we'll be hearing more and more about – and a new and improved OS that adds both multi-touch and multitasking to the iPad 2's repertoire. It would appear it's certainly got other manufacturer's feeling a little uneasy, with Samsung supposedly rethinking their next Galaxy Tab in light of the iPad 2's unveiling.

Yet are all these tweaks enough to get you logging and flogging your original iPad on eBay? Well ultimately it will come down to how much cash you have to splash. There's little doubt in our mind that the iPad 2 is an improvement on what was already a smart piece of kit, and when you compare the £439 (approx.) asking price to say the £449 for Samsung's Android-toting Galaxy Tab, it's fairly enticing. However, with the original having its price tag slashed to just £329 and a rumoured iPad 3 already said to be incoming before the end of the year, perhaps it's worth sitting on those tech-hungry fingers of yours for a little while longer. Then again, if we all took that approach we'd all still be donning our Nokia 8210's. Ah, the memories.

What about you? Are you planning on buying the Apple iPad 2? Do you already own an iPad but still plan to upgrade? Or are you going to wait for the iPad 3?

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