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Among the daily influx of fan mail and sought after phone advice that arrives in my inbox, there is invariably a press release about a new iPhone accessory. It's not just Apple that is enjoying the success of the iPhone. It's without doubt the most accessorised handset to date, with multitudes to choose from in terms of headphones, chargers and music docks.


Only today we were told about a new protective case that had received the financial backing from those business savvy, self-righteous, opinionated.....deep breaths, Daniel.....folks from Dragons' Den. The Tech21 d3o range claims to offer between 140% and 221% more protection than any other (of the 100 million) iPhone cases out there. We've got one making its way to the office for when I'll borrow a colleague's handset and hit it with a hammer to see how true this is. But until then, we've scoured the web and come up with our top five iPhone accessories.

1.) POWERSKIN - MiLi Power Projector: HI-P60

With all that internal memory, the iPhone 3GS (32GB) has plenty of storage space for all your photos and videos, which is why MiLi's Power Projector makes for a perfect addition. With the ability to beam your pics and movies onto a blank screen or any flat surface, you'll be able to run your friends and family through your holiday snaps or gather people round to watch the latest blockbuster stored on your phone. However, that's not the only trick up the Power Projectors sleeve. While your iPhone is clipped into the device, it will charge up the phone while simultaneously synching with iTunes. Sporting some built-in speakers, it's not just the picture that's big with the Power Projector.
For: All iPhone models

2.) DOTS GLOVES - Dots Gloves D200

While we love the iPhone's intuitive capacitive touch-screen, one gripe we have is the fact that you can't use it while wearing gloves, something we've cursed over the last few, arctic-like months. However, help is at hand (quite literally) with the Dots Gloves D200. Decorated with three conductive pads on each finger and thumb, Dots Gloves enable electrical impulses to be passed from your fingers to the screen, a mode of energy that is needed to control any capacitive screen. Sporting a nylon shell over fleece lining coupled with a micro-fibre palm for an extra-secure grip, the Dots Gloves D200 guarantee warm hands without compromising your iPhone experience.
For: All iPhone models

3.) JUICE PACK - Juice Pack Air

I know I know, another protective case for the iPhone. However, the Juice Pack Air has other connotations other than merely protecting your pride and joy. Hidden within the protective case is a rechargeable external battery that effectively doubles the battery life of your iPhone 3G or 3GS. The case itself is both discreet and lightweight making the fact that the Juice Pack Air provides that extra oomph all the more impressive.
PRICE: £59.99
For: iPhone 3GS and 3G

4.) X-OOM - X-OOM Movies on iPhone & iPod 3

Apple's iTunes catalogue has become hugely popular both in terms of purchasing music, and increasingly so, movies. However, while downloading said movies from iTunes is easy enough, it's far trickier to side load from an outside source. Cue X-OOM Movies on the iPhone. Simply load this piece of software onto your PC or Mac and you'll be able to drag and drop video files onto the device in just two clicks, before the high speed video encoder coverts it into the correct format. In addition, users will be able to record and transfer web-based TV content to watch on their iPhone.
PRICE: £29.99
For: All iPhone models

5.) XTAND - Xtand Go

Among its many array of talents, the iPhone makes for an excellent navigational device. Not only is Google Maps onboard, but there's also a host of GPS applications and software that can be purchased from the Apple App Store, while the large 3.5-inch screen is both vibrant and clear. However, unless you have a third arm or are willing to superglue it to the windscreen, you'll find the phone sliding all over the dashboard. The Xtand Go aims to solve this quandary by attaching itself to the windscreen acting as a holder for your iPhone. Once bedded in, the Xtand Go can be rotated into a horizontal or vertical position depending on your preferred viewing angle. Just be sure not to forget about your iPhone when you exit the car.
PRICE: £25.99 (from
For: iPhone 3GS and 3G

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