Movies on mobiles and other tech ahead

This time last year, I was using a dumb-phone, the phrase dumb-phone hadn't been invented yet, and I'd have scoffed at your very suggestion that I watch movies on said dumb-phone.

That is the speed at which mobile tech has hurtled forward, and if it was doing it exponentially, this year has been the year where it rounded the bendy flat bit and started shooting upwards. 

Dumb-phone - in case you're less tech-savvy that your favourite hacks here at Mobile Choice - is the opposite of the feature-packed smartphone we do so love here in the magazine. And those features are getting pleasingly fancy.

Watching movies on your mobile, for example, will finally become popular next year with the surge in phones that come packed with high-speed processors, impressive amounts of memory and of course, a nice, big screen for that widescreen cinematic experience.

I've sideloaded (tech-savvy ref: moving stuff from PC to phone) in my time, so I've watched a flick or two on my phone, but the real crux of mobile movies going mainstream is the services. Digital movie downloads is nothing new - but digital downloads of movies especially for mobiles is. In fact, several manufacturers have launched download portals for their phones - check out who's got what here, along with the best phones to watch your newly downloaded goodies on.

Then there's the upcoming battles of the OSes - the iPhone has been the lone awesome wolf for far too long, and this year has seen some serious competition from the Palm Pre with webOS and its excellent sync software Synergy; and the Android OS. We've loved HTC's five star Hero and gotten in on the hype over Motorola's Milestone, which managed to sell out less than three hours after showing up online.

And what makes Android such an iPhone killer is that there's finally an OS that can compete in power, usability, and of course, apps. This was the year apps went major, whether it was for social networking, work, or just improving your button pressing skills.

Of course, all the software hype is moot without some sexy hardware to put it on - and this year was about perfecting touch-screen tech. Capacitive screens that, like the iPhone's, register electrical impulses so that the merest swipe gets a response, are pretty much the norm these days. Just peep at our definitive piece on the best touch-screen phones - these five powerhouse devices all pack a fancy capacitive screen and come from a varied bunch of manufacturers that even includes Nokia. They may only have released their first touch-screen last year with the 5800 XpressMusic, but their very first capacitive touch phone gets our vote.

There's even a Windows Mobile phone in there - and when Windows is getting in best-of lists, you know the next one's going to be a good year.


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