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Now, ideally I would use this opportunity to have a right good rant about what a cheating so and so a certain Mr Thierry Henry is, but as my esteemed colleagues reminded me, the focus of this blog is tech. Not one to break the rules, I will instead focus on Windows Mobile – although it was quite clearly a deliberate handball, not once, but twice.


Unless you've been living in a world devoid of the internet (shudder the thought), TV, radio, newspaper or any other communicating medium, you'll be aware that Microsoft has come out fighting with the launch of Windows Phone, the umbrella title to their Windows Mobile platform. Truth be told, I've never been much of a Windows Mobile fan and I think it's fair to say I'm not in the minority, (although our IT guy swears by it, claiming it is the best platform to create software applications for). I find the menus fiddly, uninspiring and far too business-like, especially when compared to Symbian, Android and Apple operating systems.


So when Microsoft announced it was plying its resources into revamping the platform with first, Windows Mobile 6.5, and then early next year Windows Mobile 7, we crossed our fingers, then our toes and hoped for the best. The result? Well, in our humble opinion it's definitely improved, though we were expecting a little more for our patience.


For one, the menus are far more finger-friendly,– you no longer have to be reliant on a pokey stylus that you inadvertently lose within one week of having the phone, the icons look more appealing and there's even a new application store to pimp up your handset. Windows Marketplace is Microsoft's answer to the likes of the Android Market and the Apple App Store. It's in its infancy, but Microsoft appears to be backing it and we've already seen it grow since it went live on 6 October.


Perhaps the best endorsement for Windows Phone is how many of the manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson have all unveiled phones that support Windows Mobile 6.5. Perhaps they're just spreading their bets as the same manufacturers have already released or are about to release Android-based phones. Or maybe they really do believe in the Windows Mobile revolution.


As I say, I was hoping for a little bit more from Windows Mobile 6.5 and as such I'll go back to sitting on the fence until Windows Mobile 7 arrives. That said, I have just begun using the HTC HD2 that, while based around HTC Sense, HTC's own-branded skin, cleverly integrates Windows Mobile 6.5 into its software too. You'll have to wait until next week for our full review, but let's just say we're more than a little taken with it.


What about you? Are you a fan of the new revamped Windows Mobile platform? Have you always preferred Microsoft's operating system? If not, what is your platform of choice?


Just before I go, did you know that according to Wikipedia, Thierry Henry is best friends with NBA basketball star Tony Parker? Ironic, wouldn't you say?

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