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This week I was privy to a pair of sunglasses that allows you to watch video content from your mobile on a virtual cinema-esque, 67-inch widescreen. The Vuzix Wrap video eyewear means you'll be able to watch full feature length movies on the go without having to resort to squinting at your phone's three-inch screen. While being given this demo in the future of entertainment, I was also donning the LG GD910, the manufacturer's futuristic watch phone. That's right, I am one cool gadgeteer. Aren't I?


When I was reviewing the LG Watch Phone the other day, I stood outside and called one of the girls from the office. I told her to look out the window, where she saw yours truly miraculously talking to her through the watch on my left wrist. However, when I asked her if I looked like James Bond, her response was: 'No, you look like a muppet.' With my ego slightly bruised, I sheepishly put my hand back in my pocket and headed back up the stairs. It got me thinking. While the thought of a watch that can both make and receive calls, and a pair of sunglasses that will play movies right before your eyes gets the ten year old boy inside me more excitable than a packet of Chewits washed down with a glass of orange squash, the question beggars, would I actually want to be caught wearing these futuristic products in public?


This puts us early adopters at somewhat of a quandary. There's no denying both these products are two of the most innovative devices we've come across and for that, both LG and Vuzix should be applauded. While we support and advocate technology advancements we don't want to be so geeky that we're the ones that people point and laugh at in the street or be left alone in the corner at parties.


Perhaps the key to these products succeeding is to get enough people to embrace them so that you don't look odd when your watch starts ringing, or you begin laughing uncontrollably while watching Superbad through your Vuzix eyewear while on the tube. I remember the first time I saw someone using what I later discovered was a Bluetooth headset in public, and I thought the poor chap was a few lights short of a parade. In fact, I probably would have dabbled in a spot of the aforementioned pointing and laughing had he not been far bigger than me. Today, such headsets are more common than a Daily Mail article causing public outrage.


I'm far from a neo-luddite and perhaps I should stop being so self-conscious and embrace gadgets such as these. Yet part of me is just content to blend into the background, albeit with the latest all-powerful mobile phone that I casually pull out of my pocket to admiring glances and intrigued questioning.


What about you? Would you fork out for either the LG  Watch Phone GD910 or the Vuzix Video Eyewear, or would you not be caught dead in either? What do you think the trick is for such novelty products catching on?

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