Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2009

Ok, so I've felt better in my life. An aching head and puffy eyes, not to mention the shakes, is thankfully not the early stages of swine flu, but rather down to the fact we had our Mobile Choice Consumer Awards last night. So you can pack those Get Well Soon cards away, my sorry state is wholly self-induced. Hangover aside, it was a great night with a few shocks and a few perhaps more predictable results. With Sean Lock providing the comedy and the champagne flowing heavily, the awards began with Best Bluetooth Headset and ended with the much-coveted Manufacturer of the Year. Check our news section for all the winners, but it's this latter award that I want to focus on.


It's been a huge huge year in the mobile industry, with handsets packing more firepower than some run of the mill computers. It's also seen the arrival of the Google Android, pioneered by HTC with the likes of the HTC Hero and Magic and another superb offering from Apple, this time in the shape of the iPhone 3GS. However, after much debate, LG was deemed worthy of the 2009 accolade. Though far from an easy decision, LG has been churning out handsets from the high-end down to handsome looking devices that won't break the bank. While it may not have had any standout performer, LG has been consistently hitting the mark with its array of devices.

Don't believe us? Well here are a few stats for you to feast on. LG's decision to bring the touch-screen revolution to a wider audience by offering the LG Cookie KP500 for a credit crunch busting £80 paid dividends by selling more than five million units since it went on sale in October 2008. The LG Arena KM900 while not quite hitting those heights managed to equate over one million sales with you our much-treasured readers consistently rating it as a five star device.


However, while figures may keep the moneymen happy, we as consumers are more concerned with innovation, something LG has specialised in this year. We've seen the world's first watch-in-a-phone, meaning your name doesn't have to be Daniel Craig to feel like James Bond - well as long as you've got a spare £500 lying around. Then there was the LG GD900 Crystal that donned another world first, this time in the shape of a transparent keypad that cleverly doubled up as an optical mouse pad. Granted it's not to everyone's tastes but innovative it certainly is.


Throw in the winner of Most Stylish Phone - the LG New Chocolate BL40 - and news that some LG Android devices are on the horizon and LG has certainly joined the big boys in the mobile manufacturer playground. A few years ago if you asked the average person on the street what they thought of when you said LG, the most common answers would most likely be TVs and fridges. Yet with sheer persistence not to mention an impressive R&D department, LG has managed to muscle its way into the notoriously difficult to crack mobile marketplace. Ask that same question today and there'll be a very different outcome.


Do you agree with our decision? Who should have won Manufacturer of the Year and why?

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