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Big is beautiful? Or is it? No, I'm not giving my two pennies worth on the whole size zero debate - I'll leave that to the likes of Heat and The Daily Mail - I'm actually referring to the number of 'Mini' handsets that are infiltrating the mobile market. It seems to be a growing trend.


First off, manufacturer's announce a handset that leaves such a bulge in your pocket that you get admiring/disgusted glances while walking down the street, before releasing a much smaller model in the following months. Exhibit A; the Nokia N97. With its five-megapixel camera, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA data speeds and all matter of other delights, it wasn't just its impressive array of features that made the N97 a real heavyweight. While there was no denying the power it had at its disposal, some critics pointed to its bulk as a negative. Maybe a tad harsh, but it's fair to say that it was no slim Jim.


However, don't let it be said that the Finnish giant doesn't listen, because no sooner had the N97 gone on sale than rumours surfaced of a Nokia N97 Mini. Presumably sent to mobile fat camp, the N97 Mini has since been confirmed and is considerably smaller than its chubbier big brother, while losing none of its high-end features.


Moving on, and Exhibit B saw whispers of a Mini LG Chocolate BL20 circulating among the blogging community. This week, these whispers became full on shouts, from LG no less, as it confirmed that this phone did indeed exist and would be hitting stores before the end of the year. Now, we were big fans of the long LG Chocolate BL40 particularly as aforementioned length made watching video and surfing the web a truly enjoyable experience. It also looked rather sexy. That said, by shaving off 21mm the BL20 will certainly be more pocket-friendly if not as ideal for watching the latest blockbusters while on a long commute.


I think we've come a long way since the likes of the Nokia 8210, the surprisingly popular handset that was so small each time you tried to key in a number you inadvertently called up a complete stranger due to an accidental key nudge. However, it would appear apparent that while many want the big powerhouse, there's still a recognised market for the more discreet handset.


Tell us what you think. The standard Nokia N97 or the Mini? Is size an issue when it comes to purchasing a mobile phone? Would you sacrifice high-end features for a more slender handset?

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