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You only have to look at the latest enticing tariffs to see mobile internet is big business. Offerings of free internet (obviously within the operators fair usage policy - check the small print) are often taking precedence over the number of free minutes or texts you are entitled to. With internet speeds rapidly increasing it's no wonder more and more of us are turning to our phones for the latest news, sports results or just checking those Facebook updates. I for one am guilty of draining my battery with all of the above.


When news spread of the death of Michael Jackson it was of course via the internet (though I personally heard through a hysterical friend who is still in a state of mourning) and with a web browsing tool in your pocket, many were quick to log on to confirm the rumours. In fact following the King of Pop's demise, 3 reported a 400% increase in hits on its Planet 3 portal site, while customers were quick to share their grief, thoughts and concerns about Bubbles the chimp via Twitter, with Tweets doubling on 3 handsets throughout the day.


I guess there's no great surprise more of us are using our mobile's web capabilities to surf the internet waves. All high-end, and many mid-range handsets are all now geared towards web browsing with all the major players such as BBC, YouTube and Google customising their websites for the mobile platform. We have what are affectively mini computers on our person and in a society when we demand our information in an instant, people are less likely to wait until they get home to check how we're pounding the Aussies in the Ashes (well maybe) and we're certainly reluctant to wait for next day's newspaper.


One time when it's certainly useful to have internet at your disposal is when travelling abroad. Unless you've dragged along your laptop complete with dongle, or are willing to first locate and then venture into a rusty looking shack that has called itself an internet café, you're only other option is to access the web via your mobile. This of course has previously filled people with dread at the thought of receiving an astronomical phone bill to go alongside their lobster coloured sun burn. However, as a means of enticing more people to use their phone access the web when abroad, Vodafone has already cut their data roaming charges with Virgin Mobile set to follow suit.


Tell us about your own web browsing antics. How often do you use your phone to access the internet? What type of information and content do you access? Keep it clean though people.

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