Could I care less about phone recycling?

In fact, yes. Yes, I could care a lot less about phone recycling. See, I'm actually a secret hippie enviro-warrior, deep down inside. I've got this crusty outer shell that seems bent on collecting as many things that run on electricity as possible - if wireless, even better - but in fact, I once tried to intern at Nature, I never print out anything, and one of my greatest loves is a tree. Any tree, really, would do, because I'm classy like that.

    So phone recycling - yeah, I totally stand behind that. Aside from them people that burn coal, the tech industry is about as un-green as it gets - emissions from manufacture, toxic chemicals in batteries and silicon chips... toss that stuff into a landfill and it leaches into the soil, with dire, dead-Earth style consequences.

    So it's good to see sprawling corps like Samsung and Nokia getting all pro-active about green electronics - using recycled materials to make phones, innovating solar-powered handsets - Samsung's solar touch-screen is pretty impressive - and reducing eco impact by minimising paper use in packaging manuals.

    Well, theoretically it is. Green eletronics is still pretty far off. So though Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola and Apple have all been lauded for improvements in green manufacture, disposal of waste tech is as mportant - not just to prevent battery seepage but to recycle expensive materials like silicon, since recouping such materials can massively reduce the toll on the environment caused from manufacturing new phones.

    I guess it takes a certain amount of pro-activity though. God when did I start picking up office-speak? Eek. Anyway, apathy certainly holds me back from ... uh, action word... stuff.

    I actually have three phones on my desk right now, and a new Sony Ericsson W995 charging underneath. Of course, being a tech journo, none of them are mine. Believe you me, if they were, I'd have sold, er, recycled them off by now.

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