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Truth be told I'm no longer much of a gamer. Many years ago I was given an ultimatum by an ex-girlfriend that it was Championship Manager or her and begrudgingly I chose the latter. The temptation's still there mind. In fact just this week I had to remain 'strong' when I heard that the game that I had devoted so much of my student life to was now available on the iPhone.


However, that's not the only bit of gaming news that surfaced this last week, with the president of Sony Ericsson, Hideki Komiyama conceding that a 'Playstation phone could yet happen.' Talk of such a phone has been rife for the last couple of years though it's been restricted to nothing more than speculation. Such a phone - assuming it is done well - would surely be a success and change the fortunes of Sony Ericsson who have been struggling to recapture the form shown in the last few years. Yet with talk of disharmony between Sony and Ericsson continuing to hit news pages we wouldn't bank on a Playstation phone hitting the shelves this side of Christmas, if at all.


One gaming phone that has been confirmed by Sony Ericsson HQ is a T-Mobile exclusive, which sees the Sony Ericsson W705 bundled with a Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth controller complete with the official 'Fast & Furious' mobile game embedded on the device. Mobile gaming often suffers as a result of game play, with too many button combinations needed to really create a true console experience. The introduction of a wireless controller however is sure to help iron out these discrepancies, though for a mobile to really rival a games console we feel you need a screen bigger than what the W705 offers - just 2.4-inches.


Application platforms such as the Apple App Store and the Android market have also greatly improved the mobile gaming arena with gaming titles frequently appearing in the best seller charts. Even BlackBerry users, not often associated with their gaming tendencies have been downloading titles in their hordes from the BlackBerry App World. And let us not forget that N-Gage, Nokia's own gaming arena has near on 40 top titles in the UK alone.


While I head off to another Champ Man anonymous meeting, why not check out our Top 5 gaming phones and post below your favourite games that while away those long bus journeys and laborious waits at the doctors.

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