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Ok, so this mantra might need some work, but you get the gist. This week saw Nokia announce a new addition to their Eseries range in the shape of the E52.

Nothing unusual there, we hear you say. However, what was interesting was what the Finish manufacturer decided was the phone's unique selling point. The Nokia E52 is a handset that enables you to talk non-stop for eight whole hours, without once needing to recharge the phone. What's more, a new application has been developed (once again for Nokia devices) that can increase your smartphone's battery life by up to 30%, by dimming your screen's brightness or restricting the amount of power outsourced to certain features like GPS.


We don't need to tell you that mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced. You only need to read our reviews each month of the latest all seeing and all doing handsets. Phones now boast eight-megapixel cameras, HSDPA broadband-like data speeds, advanced media players and GPS navigational systems that can rival most dedicated sat navs. However, with a poor battery life, many of these functions affectively become redundant.


I've been using a Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition for the last few weeks and, while I remain a huge fan of this touch-screen and 3x4 keypad sporting device, I generally have to charge it at the end of each working day. In fact, so often does it need a little top up of juice that I have begun carrying the charger in my bag to and from work.


To be fair, the battery life of phones in general has greatly improved, with special praise reserved for Sony Ericsson whose array of devices often feature marathon battery lives. It's just that, with the emphasis of mobile phones now often being placed on their multimedia capabilities, a la camera, music and internet, it's important for both us as the consumers and the manufacturers to recognise the importance of a good battery life, both talktime and standby.

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