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There are many words that would best describe Mobile World Congress. Hustle and bustle being two. However, the buzzword is "touch". Nothing new there we hear you say. Well that's true, but having got to grips with the latest products over the last two days,we're happy to report that the manufacturers endless hours in their labs perfecting their user interface is paying dividends. Take the LG Arena for example.  LG has been a stalwart in thetouch-screen revolution, yet by their own admission the Arena is their bestoffering yet. With a built-in Advanced Micro Device (AMD) processor chip, theArena's UI is faster, slicker and far more tactile than even the Renoir. It also helps maintain a better battery life, by managing how much power is needed for the current application in use.


But back to the touch-screen itself. LG has implemented the user interface into everything the Arena does. For example, tuning in the built-in radio is done by sliding your finger across a virtual radio dial, as you would with an old fashionedwireless. Likewise, the alarm clock can be set by placing your finger on thehands of the clock display and gently rotating them to your desired position. Yet this is far from being just another gimmick. The whole process makes senseeven if it is far slicker than simply typing in your wake up call via a virtual keypad.


With Samsung announcing their three flagship phones yesterday in the shape of the Omnia HD,Tocco Ultra Edition and Beat music phones, all of which revolve around a,you've guessed it, touch-screens, "Touch" is very much the word on the street. That said LG were keen to stress that social networking is going to feature heavily for them this year and to expect more phones that feature a full QWERTY keyboard, a la the LG KS360. So all you touch-screen haters can sleep a little easier then. That said, we would urge you to try these new bout of touch-screen devices, they're some of the best we've encountered. 

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