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While our early predictions of what we might have expected weren't flawless, we weren't too far off the beaten track either. Sony Ericsson did unveil a touch-screen device (albeit a work in progress), codenamed the Idou and will feature a 12.1 megapixel camera and will be the first handset in a new range called Entertainment Unlimited. The brand will effectively be a hybrid of the Walkman and Cybershot range - something Mobile Choice has been championing for some time may we add - with all future flagship models from the manufacturer falling under this category. This is contrast to LG who are taking the decision to keep their camera, "intertainement" and social networking phones separate from each other. Sadly as with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 announced at last years MWC, we will have to wait until the second half of 2009 to get our hands on it.


We also predicted that not one but two Google Android devices would be unveiled, one most likely coming from HTC (again). Well what do you know, HTC did just that with the announcement of the Vodafone exclusive HTC Magic. We were privileged enough to be chosen as part of a select few to have a play with the device and enjoyed it so much that we had to have it prised out of clinging fingers. It's far less cumbersome than the T-Mobile G1 due to the lack of QWERTY keyboard, a criticism that was often (unfairly) touted at the original Android, though we hope, like the G1 before it, there will also be a black version as opposed to the garish white we saw.


However, the second Google phone announced was something of a curve ball. Though there was no demonstration, Chinese manufacturer Huawei showcased their Android phone (behind some protected glass) with rumours rife that it will be launched in conjunction with T-Mobile. We like you will have to wait for confirmation on this.


Samsung, LG and Nokia all too used the Barcelona platform to demonstrate their flagship devices, with Samsung and LG focusing primarily on touch-screens. Indeed, touch was definitely the key concept at MWC 2009, with a distinct lack of QWERTY keyboard sporting devices. With touch-screens not being everyone's cup of tea, we can't help but feel that the manufacturers have missed a trick by not catering for a faithful market. That said the interfaces displayed by Samsung and LG's army of touch-screen phones are among the most intuitive we've encountered.


Nokia is one of the major manufacturers who have actually failed to be swept up by the touch-screen whirlwind (the 5800 XpressMusic apart). They've also been the last to unveil an eight-megapixel packing handset, until now. Having seen some snaps blown up to A3 proportions, the N86 looks as though it was well worth the wait. The inclusion of a wide angle Carl Zeiss lens also means users will be able to capture even more content with each snap, while being the first handset to sport an aperture zoom lens will enable those tricky low-light shots. Perfect for a dingey pub for example.


So all in all MWC 2009 brought us some things we saw a mile off, while others took us by surprise. Check out our latest videos for demonstrations of all the big announced handsets in action.

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