MWC Blog: Top five handsets unveiled at MWC 2009

So the doors to MWC have closed for another year and we've got several exciting phone launches to look forward to. Here are the five handsets that hyped us up the most.

1.) Samsung Beat DJ


As the name would suggest, the Samsung Beat DJ is a music focused phone, but like no other we've seen before. Yes, it has the 3.5mm headset port, support for up to a 16GB memory card and audio technology from long time collaborator Bang & Olufsen. Yet what really sets this phone apart from other musical devices is its ability to let you chop and change your own music, enabling you to become your very own DJ. Add voice tracks, change loops or, our personal favourite; scratch your tracks on the virtual turntable. What's more, you can record your samples so you can impress your mates (or more likely irritate people on the bus). We might not quite be the skinny jean wearing, foppish hair sporting teen market Samsung was targeting, but we couldn't get enough of this innovative full touch-screen device.


2.) HTC Magic


Vodafone's first Google Android device caused a stir among the mobile community and having had a play with the device, we can see why. This second Android device belongs to the HTC family, as did the T-Mobile G1 before it. However, the phone is far more HTC-esque, with its curved edges and lack of QWERTY keyboard. Due to the lack of aforementioned keyboard, the HTC Magic is far more pocket-friendly while maintaining an impressive arsenal of features, including HSDPA, 3.2-megapixel camera and of course, direct access to the Google Android platform and its host of free applications.


3.) LG GD900


LG were so keen to unveil this uber-sexy device at MWC that they did so before the actual spec sheet had been announced. So the LG GD900 is on this list for looks alone, but we make no apology for it, because this is one slick handset. Its unique selling point is its transparent slide out keypad that subtly glows when in use. The phone's body is made from a crystal glass-like substance that only adds to its mystique. While its features are yet to be released, LG does promise that the LG GD900 will be far more than just a fashion phone.


4.) Nokia N86


We keep banging on about it, but great camera phones are not just about the megapixels - a good lens and decent flash is crucial. So it's good to see the N86, Nokia's first-ever eight-megapixel camera phone sports all the above and more. As the first ever handset to feature a variable aperture zoom lens, the N86 'decides' how much light to shine through, making it ideal for those low light shots. The N86 also features HSDPA, A-GPS and 8GB of internal memory that can be expanded with a microSD memory card. All that plus a foot stand for comfortable viewing of video content.


5.) Sony Ericsson Idou


The Idou may only have been at prototype stage at MWC, but its specs list was enough to get us salivating. The phone is a dedicated media-phone with full touch-screen, music player, 12.1-megapixel camera complete with Xenon flash and is the flagship device of Sony Ericsson's new brand, "Entertainment Unlimited", a merge of its Walkman and Cyber-shot phone lines. What pleased us most about the Idou is it shows Sony Ericsson is gearing up for a new approach to manufacturing handsets, instead of same old candybar or slider models we saw in 2008. "Idou" is currently only the working title for this handset, so expect a new name in the future.

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